Is Radiesse a brand or is it juverderm? I know that sculptura is totally different from juvederm. Which is more effective?

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Is Radiesse a brand or is it juverderm? I know that sculptura is totally different from juvederm. Which is more effective?

Rasiesse, Juvederm, and Sculptra are all separate and unique fillers. Each one is comprised of different ingredients and are used for different purposes depending on the patient and their needs.

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Radiesse is a brand from Merz Pharmaceuticals

Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite filler that is excellent for filling hollow cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler distributed by Allergan. It is used similarly to Radiesse as well as in the lips. Sculptra is yet another type of filler primarily focused on plumping the cheeks.

Juvederm and its new counterpart, Voluma (builds up hollow cheeks), can be reversed by an enzyme. Juvederm and Radiesse last between 6-12 months. Voluma and Sculptra last upwards of 2 years.

The choice of filler is based on what area one wishes to treat and the duration desired. Not all fillers should be used in all areas. Please consult with an experienced physician to determine which treatment is appropriate for you

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Is Radiesse a brand or is it juverderm? I know that sculptura is totally different from juvederm. Which is more effective?

No, Radiesse (CA hydroxyapetite) is a separate type of filler as is Juvederm/Restylane/Perlane (all HA's) and Sculptra. Which ones is best, for your particular needs depends on your aesthetic goals.

We use:

  • Restylane and Juvederm for Lip Augmentation.
  • Perlane for Cheek Augmentation and filling nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Radiesse for Chin Augmentation, Jaw Augmentation and rejuvenation of the hands
  • Sculptra is used to fill in significant depressions in facial tissues.

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Differences in injectable products

Radiesse, Juvederm and Sculptra are all different brands of injectable products. They are all made of different substances. Juvederm is hyaluronic acid or HA. HA naturally exists as a component of your skin. By binding to water, it fills in wrinkles and folds, allowing immediate and smooth correction. Radiesse is comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. Scluptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid, which helps to replace lost collagen.

They all work a little differently. Juvederm will fill areas right after injection. Radiesse will also fill areas right after injection, but it also stimulates the growth of your body's own natural collagen. The results from Sculptra come more slowly and treatment with Sculptra often requires 2-3 treatment sessions spread out. This is because Sculptra acts as a scaffolding for your body's collagen to grow on. These products also last different amounts of time in the body. While every individual processes these substances differently in their bodies, Juvederm can last up to a year, Radiesse lasts generally just over a year and the results from Sculptra can last over two years.

I use all these injectable products in my practice. Every patient is different though. Depending on the area you would like to treat and the goals you have for facial rejuvenation, different products or combination of products may be right for you. Generally we use Juvederm around the mouth area, in the lips, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. Juvederm is also great for the hollows under the eyes. We find Radiesse to be great for the upper face, particularly in the cheeks. Sculptra is also good for the upper face, including the hollows of the cheeks and temples.

I suggest having a consultation with a provider you trust to discuss your treatment goals, then they can help guide you to the most appropriate product for you.

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