Is Radiesse or bone grafts the best option to treat facial asymmetry secondary to bone loss?

I'm 23. I think the right sided bone loss is from an infected untreated tooth. I don't chew on this side because of worn down teeth, sensitivity, and TMD. This has caused noticeable asymmetry in my face. The jaw height is shorter, the angle is higher, and the jaw line is thinner. I have a softer, oval appearance to the lower right side of my face, decreased chin projection and asymmetrical resting posture of my lips. Is Radiesse or bone grafts the best option to treat facial asymmetry?

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See a plastic surgeon

In my practice every cosmetic patient is addressed separately as there are no "cookbook" approaches though after almost 20 years of filler experience. We use many different fillers in the same patient to achieve a optimal correction but  I would recommend you discuss with a  board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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Asymmetry of the face from bone loss

Dear chelsyanne21,

  • Your options depend on what your exam looks like and the cause of the bone loss
  • We want to make sure we have a foundation to build on
  • You can have Radiesse injections (which are very accurate, but the results are temporary until you do it a few times)
  • Fat transfer is a nice long term solution that is very natural looking
  • Bone grafts may heal less predictably (but again, it may the best option depending on your exam because with teeth related bone loss, you may need to replace bone with bone

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