Any Relationship Between Radiesse and Sleep?

I recently had radiesse injected into my left check to help it fill out after a poor recovery from Bell's Palsy. I have had trouble sleeping since the injection even though there is no pain or other issue. Just waking up a lot during the night. Could there be some connection between the radiesse and trouble sleeping? Thanks.

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Any Relationship Between Radiesse and Sleep?

There is no issue with having Radiesse or any other fillers done that should be affecting your sleep.

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Trouble Sleeping After Radiesse

As far as we know there is no connection between Radiesse injections and insomnia. Radiesse is injected into the skin and the fat layer below the skin.  None is absorbed by the blood stream so its effect is just on the local tissues.  Unless you were really anxious about the injection itself I can't see how they are related. If the insomnia persists I would certainly consult your internist for other causes. 

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Radiesse injections and Sleep

No, there is no relation between Radiesse injections (or another other injections for that matter) and trouble sleeping.  Whatever issue you are having is most likely just a coincidence.


Good Luck.

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