1 week post op of Radiesse, ​I discovered I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Is there any potential harm to the embryo/fetus?

I just discovered i am 6 weeks pregnant and I had Radiesse done last week on my cheeks and nasolabials. Thks

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6 weeks pregnant and received Radiesse 1 week ago

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It is not recommended to have Radiesse, or any other injectable cosmetic products, during pregnancy or while breast feeding.  The reason for this is because there are no studies on pregnant or breast feeding women to determine any potential side effects and most likely there never will be any studies because of the potential liability.  In reality, there should be no harm to your 6 week old fetus from the Radiesse treatment you had one week ago.  The product does not circulate throughout your body and the calcium-based Radiesse should not be toxic anyway.    

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