How Will Past Radiation and the Number of Cc's Injected in TE Affect the Decision for the Size of Permanent Implants?

My tissue expanders are now at 450 cc's (radiated 18 yrs. ago) and 550 cc's on the non-radiated side. This is my 2nd occurrence of early breast cancer. I still have one or two "fill-ins" left, but I have been wondering how the difference in volume will affect the final stage of reconstruction. My plastic surgeon seems to be very pleased with my progress.

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Radiation and Number of cc's Affect Size of Implants?

Having done so many of these you will always see some sort of tightness to the radiated breast. Some will expand and some will not but the overall result will be a tighter looking radiated breast compared to the normal breast. If your Plastic Surgeon is experienced and you trust them then I would just go with what they are telling you. This is one of those situations that I can not give you a good answer without seeing your skin and how it has reacted.

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Can Radiation Limit the Number of Cc's Injected in a Tissue Expander?

In roughly a third of patients who get radiation to a portion or the whole breast will develop fibrosis that will limit the suppleness of the tissue to undergo expansion. Your best resource is your Plastic Surgeon.  Continue to follow up closely and monitor yourself carefullly.

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