One Side is Hard and Higher Than The Other 1 Week After DIEP. Will It Drop?

I just underwent a surgery for Breast Reconstruction..I had a DIEP Flap procedure done September 2011 and just had another surgery to finish. Implants were put in both my breasts along with fat grafting my left breast stayed beautiful! My right one is another story its not bad but its higher up and harder (the right is my radiated side) My question is will it soften in time and drop? Or will I need another surgery to fix it? Its only been 8 days as of this posting

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Breast reconstruction

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Breast reconstructions are very delicate precise operations, and no two breasts are the same. Without an exam it is difficult to say why one is higher than the other.  You should contact your surgeon.

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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

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Congratulations on finishing your DIEP flap reconstruction.   Sometimes on the radiated side the surrounding tissues can be firmer and especially after an implant is added, things can be a little higher.  However, 8 days after surgery, just to make sure that there is no complication, you should definitely check with your doctor.

Jeff Scott, MD
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