Half Marathon 1 Month After Vaser

I am getting Vaser tomorrow 3/28... i have a race that i signed up for a while ago before deciding upon this treatment on 4/1. Its a half marathon. Is this completely out of the question?

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Marathon After VASER

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I counsel my patients to give themselves 6 weeks before doing any high impact activities like running or jogging.

In the first 2 weeks after VASER (or any form of lipoplasty), the spaces left by the removal of fat are still sealing closed.

During the next month, there is still a lot of increased blood flow and fluid shifts in the tissues related to healing. High impact exercise during this time will lead to increased swelling, some overall healing delays, and can even lead to bruising.

Knowing that you need to train before the race means at least a couple-few weeks of training AFTER that 6 week post-op time frame.

To minimize the risk of injury, as well as to allow for proper healing and to avoid complications from your surgery, I would recommend a minimum 2 months after liposuction for a 10K or half-marathon; longer for a marathon.

Vaser Lipo

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I would consider it out of the question. The race will only delay healing, cause more swelling, and be non-productive.  Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Athletic activity after liposuction

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The short-term recovery post-liposuction is certainly going to curtail you training efforts, but I don't see why you should not try to run the half-marathon 4 weeks after surgery - why not try ? I don't think the activity will impact your cosmetic result. Post-marathon deep tissue massage might be helpful too. Have fun !

1/2 marathon after vaser

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If the vaser is a month after surgery, you probalby will not be up for it. You will probaly be swollen and may not have the same energy that you would if you were completely healed.

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