How does r20 treatment results compare to traditional laser treatments? (photo)

I know that r20 is a lot pricier, but I was wondering if it was the way to go to continue my tattoo removal. Is it worth the price tag? Pros and cons? Any information will be appreciated.

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Long term R20 results? The jury is still out...

The R20 method was a very small study (only 12 patients were enrolled with a total of 18 tattoos), performed in Greece, using the weakest of the quality switched lasers (the 755nm alexandrite). In this study more than half of the tattoos treated (10 of 18) were amateur. 

If you were to use this method with the modern, more powerful devices (like the 1064nm Nd:YAG) used in the United States many dermatologists, myself included, believe that it will result in ink retention and possibly scaring. In fact, that has been the case in the three patients I have seen who came to me after poor results with thr R20 method. Proof-of-concept studies are pending and a case report was recently submitted for consideration to major dermatology journals.  

If a patient presents with an amateur tattoo and they don't mind scarring as long as they sign a waiver indicating that the R20 method is not the gold standard and they understand the higher likelyhood of scarring.That said, I always treat patients the way I would want to be treated and at this time I would not recommend the R20 method for use on professional tattoos and I wouldn't incorporate it my laser practice. Although some inexperienced med spas or owners of weak devices may offer it I don't personally know of any dermatologist in the United States who offers it or recommends it.

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