2 Months Post BA. Why Are They Getting Smaller?

Its been 2 months since my BA. I was cup A before PS due to breast-feeding 2 kids for 12 months each. Before having kids I was cup B. My PS recommended 380cc.I was happy at first but it's been over 2 months and my breast seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I measured and I was 42 in diameter and I am currently 36. I don't know why they are getting smaller. I am 5.9 , 135 pounds. I'm wearing my old B cup bras now. I want to be a cup bigger. Why are they getting smaller?

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Breast Implants and Shrinking Breasts

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    It is possible that implants could have ruptured, and the breasts are smaller.  They should be slightly smaller after the swelling has resolved.  Weight loss could be another factor.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Breast Implants getting Smaller

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Right after breast implant surgery, the implants tend to sit a bit high. With time, the bottom of the breast fills out more. Women perceive the size to be smaller. Also, when you first try on the implants, you think they look big. A few months after surgery you think they are not so big. A year after surgery many patients think "hmm, maybe I should have gone bigger."

Breast Augmentation Post OP

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You did not say what type of implants you have.  The diameter of your breast has nothing to do with the cup size.  It sounds as if you may be losing weight.  Make an appointment for an exam with your plastic surgeon to discuss these concerns.

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