Does Quinine Found in Tonic and Bitter Lemon Drink Affect the Botox?

I have had some injections yesterday and I would like to know if I can drink tonic and bitter lemon after 24 hours of the injection. How long shoul I wait to drink any alcohol? Are there foods which I should avoid after botox injections like chilli for example?

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Botulinum Toxin (Dysport and Botox) and interaction with alcohol or quinine and tonic

The concerns with Quinine and Tonic are interesting. The package insert cautions against use with the drug quinidine. However, I am not sware of any speicific interaction but the Quinine is supposed to calm twitching muscles and nerves so theoretically it could. Alcohol should be avoided prior to injection only for reasons related to bleeding and bruising and probably for 12 hours thereafter. However, due to the popularity of "Botox Parties"m, I doubt that this is a common practice.

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