I have -9.50 contact prescription. Would I be a good candidate for PRK, ALK , RK, Lasek or any other eye surgery?

After the procedure would i likely have 20/20 and if I did not would I be able to correct it with contacts to 20/20?

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Options for surgeries

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Without personally evaluating your eyes and getting more information on your measurements, it is difficult to advise which procedure would be best for your eyes.  Are your contacts not able to correct your vision down to 20/20?  Refractive surgery usually corrects your vision so that it is relatively comparable to your vision in contact lenses.  Your prescription is too high to treat with PRK and LASEK and ALK and RK are outdated surgeries.  You may look into implantable contact lenses (ICL) or refractive lens exchange (RLE) as those surgeries can be performed for higher prescriptions that are not treatable with LASIK and PRK.

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