Do you think it's possible that I can get a free nose job or one for a low price? (Photo)

Its it possible that i could get a free nose job om 15 and had been bullied before because of my flat nose. In every angle. I really wish to have a different nose cause i'm tired of being different and ugly. Can you please help

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Age 15 years is young for rhinoplasty in a male

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Thank for sharing your photos and question with us.  Your question was about the cost of nasal surgery. However, I would first like to address the issue of your age.  In general, the nose in a young man can continue to grow until age 17 or 18 years of age.  Surgical recontouring of the nose at age 15 years is undesirable as growth may make results less predictable in the long term.  While no rule in medicine is rigid, there are physical benefits in delaying surgery until you have reached full physical maturity. Furthermore, at age 15 years you are still considered a minor and would have to have the explicit consent of your parents or legal guardian to move forward with cosmetic surgery.

It would be prudent to discuss your concerns with your parents.  They are in the best position to advocate for you.  They may consider researching reduced cost cosmetic surgery offered to at university training centers in plastic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery fees are reduced when performed by such trainees in plastic surgery. Alternatively, they may inquire whether you might qualify for pediatric plastic surgery coverage under state sponsored programs

Best of luck all of your life endeavors.

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