Is this excessive bruising? Should I be alarmed? (photos)

I am 4 days post op from an implant exchange. Previous implants were 395cc saline, new implants are 450cc silicone. My left saline deflated after 15 yrs. I really have had no pain since this surgery but my left breast is a bit larger (probably stolen) than the right, it is VERY bruised. My 1 week post op appt is in 3 days.

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Bruising after implant exchange

Thank you for your question and photos. It does appear that there may have been some bleeding on the left side. You should let your surgeon know about this as they will likely want to evaluate you prior to your appointment in 3 days. Best, Dr. Kludt

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Bruised after implant exchange

From your photograph and history, if you are my patient, I would be concerned that there is a small hematoma on the left side. As long as it's not expanding, it can be watched and secondarily drained after liquefied a week or so later. This is something that your plastic surgeon,who knows you best and can evaluate the situation, both by visualization and palpation, should be  made aware of and let he or she decide what the best course of action is. Best of luck.

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