How Quickly Can Capsular Contracture Occur?

I had silicon breast implants put in two years ago. Three months ago I had to have the right implant replaced due to capsular contructure. Now my left side is having the same problem. Is it possible for capsular contructure to develop in three months? I'm just wondering if my doctor should have replaced them both.

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Capsular Contracture After Silicone Implants

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Any time you’ve had a previous hardness after breast implants and you have it removed by capsulectomy you have a higher chance of having a reoccurrence. One can minimize a reoccurrence of capsular contracture by 1. going below the pectoralis major muscle, 2. use textured implants, and 3. beginning early motion to maintain a large pocket. If capsular contractures reoccur, they reoccur early in saline implants (in under 3 months) and usually can occur later in silicone gel implants.

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Development of Capsular Contracture

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It is possible for capsular contracture to occur within 3 months, although it sounds as if your left implant has been in for over two years.  If there were no issues with your left implant at the time of replacement on the right side, it did not necessarily have to be replaced.  However, the discussion to have both replaced should always occur.

Capsular Contracture

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Sorry for your complications. Capsular contracture can occur in the first 3 months. Request your surgeon to check you as soon as possible. Many surgeons prefer to replace both implants, but that will be a decision between you and your surgeon.

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Implant issues

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Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your other implant. It sounds like you need to be evaluated to possibly treat the left side.

How quickly can capsular contraction occur?

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Capsular contraction can occur within the first 3 months. I would see your surgeon asap and see if he can recommend a few things to decrease the formation of the scar tissue. Good luck.

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