What Questions Should I Ask Surgeons About Fixing Bulboused Tip?

I read that whether it can be fixed (made smaller and more appealing) depends on the "stiffness" of the alar cartilages. Mine are flimsy and pliable. My nose tip is mushy and w/o form. What questions I should be asking a surgeon during a consult that is related to a case like mine? Thanks!

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Fixing bulbous nose tip

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Certainly the tip of the nose can be refined to be better balanced with your nasal bridge and other facial features. These can be done through an open or closed approach; however, we prefer the closed approach for this type of situation. To begin, cartilage is removed from the tip. The definition points on the tip are then sewn together to narrow and refine the tip. According to the pictures it looks as though the area just above your tip in the mid third of the nose is quite narrow and you may require spreader grafts in that location to further bolster and widen the mid third of the nose. Look for a rhinoplasty surgeon who has performed thousands of nose surgeries and has before and after photos you like. This is a moderately complex rhinoplasty and should be performed by a very experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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Questions for Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Ask many questions. Also be prepared to answer many questions yourself, such as your medical history, medications, prior surgery, etc. Below are some common questions to ask a plastic surgeon before cosmetic surgery. These questions are just a partial list to help start the conversation with your plastic surgeon:

what are the risks, benefits, and alternatives to cosmetic surgery?

can you show me potential surgical results with a computer?

can you show before and after photographs of surgery?

what is recovery like after cosmetic surgery?

when can I go back to work?

how long is the plastic surgery procedure?

when will I see results after plastic surgery?

how long will results last after surgery?

what is chance for revision plastic surgery? will be procedure need to be repeated?

what type of anesthesia would be used?





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Fixing bulboused tip

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Ask any and all questions, concerns, issues so everything is answered to YOUR satisfaction before having any operation - INFORMED CONSENT!


Refining the Bulbous Nose Tip

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I think you are being hard on yourself. Your nose is very correctable by the vast majority of Nose surgeons. The tip is hyperprojecting ("sticks forward a bit too much"). The lower lateral cartilages making up the tip are wide and separated giving the nose the bulbous tip with the split down the middle (bifid) look. The tip appears to be leaning forward too much.

Narrowing the width of the lower lateral cartilages and suturing them together would give you a more refined tip. The tip would also benefit from being lowered closer to the face and slightly rotated upward while maintaining the break point between the back of the nose (dorsum) and the tip - the supratip break.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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