2 questions about SlimLipo Post Care: Compression garment vs. bandaging and how to compress axial area?

I had two areas treated by SlimLipo (lovehandles and axials/front underarms) yesterday and feel fine with minimal swelling/bruising. My doctor padded and wrapped both areas in self-adherent medical bandages, then topped with a Spanx garment for my sides. 1st question: is the bandage part of the garment and something I should wear 24/7 for a week (as prescribed) or just the Spanx? 2nd question: is there a garment for axials? It's an awkward area to bandage. Do I even need to compress here?

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SlimLipo Body Compression Suit Best

Thank you for your question. It is important to follow the directions of the physician who performed your SlimLipo.

There are bodysuit compression garments available through contemporary design which include a bra and chest type compression that work best when axial SlimLipo is done.

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