Questions to Ask when Going to a Resident's Clinic?

I'm going to a residents clinic consult for a tummy tuck and implants. What questions should I ask?

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Resident clinic or private office

If you are going to a resident clinic the questions you should ask would be the same as if you were going to a private attending's office.

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Some questions to ask in resident's clinic

Some questions to ask in resident's clinic: 1) what year of residency, 2) supervising physician 3) who takes care of follow up after one year, will you be meeting them 4) policy for revision surgery 5) will a copy of records be available prior to graduation

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Going to a Resident's Clinic

The experience of the resident in numbers of these operations he/she has done. Will the attending PS be scrubbed into the surgery? Who is the attending PS? Can you met with him? What are your out of pocket exact fees? And the usual pre operative questions about these operations. Best of Luck from MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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You can get a great work by residents

I do teach plastic surgery residents at Louisiana State University New Orleans. They are supervised during the procedure and you can have  good work done by the residents in training. You ask the residents about who Will staff the case, who will take care of you if there is a need for revision.

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Cosmetic surgery resident's clinics

Questions you should ask are whether the resident is a new resident or one who is nearly finished with their training.  The more experienced, the better.  Ask how many of these they have personally done and how many they have assisted on with their faculty.  Ask whether the faculty member who is supervising them will be scrubbed in the case or not.

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1. Who is the resident who will perform the surgery?

2. How many times has he done this surgery

3. who is the attending staff

4. where is the attending staff, out of town, in his office, in the OR

5. What are the actual charges?  I have seen several patients in Maryland who were quoted a very low surgical fee but the hospital fee and anesthesia combined to make the total fee higher than any of the private practice physicians.

CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let the buyer beware!

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