Questions About Nose Job with Fat Injections?

I was a good candidate for a non surgical rhinoplasty with fat injections and I went to a clinic where I had it done. it has been 20 days, and the fat injected into the tip of my nose looks great but the part injected into the ridge intended to visually streighten the pump looks like a little bump itself. The doctor said thet she will add more fat to that are so when it settles down, it will come to where it needs to be. Should I be worried? How long till it settles? Can fat become distorted? -

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Fat Rhinoplasty

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Three things on this issue:  1.  Fat is a strange choice for nasal filling  2.  Depends on where the fat was harvested from and how it was processed  3.  Yes it can be a little bumpy if not processed and distressed down to very thin fat.  I would not be overly concerned at this point but the better part of valor would be to wait a while longer.  It can take a month or two for fat to "settle" into its new state.  Some will be absorbed, some will settle in and some can shift a bit.  Give it time and then reasses if more fat makes sense or if a filler like Juvederm is a better option as it can be more easily fine tuned.

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