What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon? (photo)

I consulted an oculoplastic surgeon about bags and lumpiness left under my eyes from Restylane and a subsequent biofilm infection. He recommended an upper/lower bleph, laser resurfacing, and mid-face fat transfer. I trust him to do the surgery. Not sure about the other procedures. There aren't a many before/after photos on his website of the other two procedures, but he is highly regarded and teaches at a reputable university. What should I be asking before I undergo the procedures?

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Lumps after restylane

I would certainly ask the doctor to answer the question that you came there with before he signs you up for things that you were not planning to have done. You might do very well with those procedures but what about your lumps? Ask him whether you will have hollowness under your eyes that might need fillers after the lower bleph? Ask him what the advantages of fat transfer are over fillers, even permanent fillers(as he might say that fat is permanent). Keep us posted.

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