Lip Lift 6 Months Ago, Are The Results Permanent?

I had a lip lift 6 months ago because my teeth wasnt showing people told me my lips were perfect and i should have listen., I regret getting a lip lift but it is not that bad , but i still miss my old lips on how natural they were. My question is will my upper lip fall back down to how it were . or can i do some lip excercises for my lip to go back down. I know the skin was removed but only a little was removed so i was just wondering if its posible it will go back down and thanx!

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Lip Lift Stability After Six Months

At six months after a lip lift, whatever relapse or lip relaxation that is going to occur has occurred. There is no harm in lip exercises or stretching at this point but I would not expect much more lengthening than what you have now.

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