Can you answer my questions about Microphlebectomy, and how long the procedure takes?

How long would it take to remove a blue prominent temple vein with Microphlebectomy? ...Is microphlebectomy a safe procedure? ... and how is the vein tied off or closed when the vein is cut to remove it?

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How Long Does Microphlebectomy Take ?

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Microphlebectomy requires removing branches of varicose veins, also known tributary veins that are enlarged (or varicose). Depending on the extent of the varicosities, it can take 40 minutes to 1 hour. The expertise comes in properly mapping the veins right before the procedure and taking time to close the puncture wounds to achieve minimal residual scar. 

Microphlebecotomy Vein Removal Surgery

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A single temple vein removal should take less than an hour.  The vein is tied off using either a suture material (similar to thread but often absorbable) or with a small metal clip.  Microphlebectomy is generally a very safe procedure.  It can sometime be associated with some numbness of the skin overlying the treated area.  The temple area can be a little more risky as there are more nerves in that region compared to other more common areas of treatment, such as the legs.  I hope that helps.

Safe procedure.

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Microphlebectomy is a very safe procedure and it is done under local anesthesia. Usually a 2 mm tiny incision is made over the vein after the local anesthesia is placed.  The vein is then surrounded with a small hook and gently teased out.  Depending on the size and number of the veins , any where from one to 3 or 4 micro incisions may be necessary.  These heal well with very tiny marks which over time will be barely perceptible.  There will be some bruising and swelling post procedure which will last for about 2 weeks.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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