What Questions to Ask During my Initial Smart Lipo/breast Lift Consultation?

What kind of questions should I ask? I want to make an informed decision. I've already thought of: How many SmartLipo procedures have you performed? How long after the procedure can I go back to working out? What should I expect post op? Can I be awake during surgery?

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Interview questions for your plastic surgeon.

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Choosing your plastic surgeon can be confusing.  It starts with referrals from friends and family or your family doctor.  WHile this is a better way to chose your surgeon that just searching on the internet, remember that he or she may not be the right fit for you even though your friends thought he was great.

Ask about training.  Did he do a residency in plastic surgery or an appropriately related field?  How long has he been in practice?  What else does he do?  Is cosmetic surgery the main focus or just a sidelight to his regular practice?

Use your intuition too.  If it isn't the right fit, keep looking.

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