What questions should I ask to identify a qualified doctor to inject Hyaluronidase in lower lid area (for over filled Juvederm)?

I'm seeking a physician to inject Hyaluronidase in the lower lid area, in order to address over filled Juvederm. I've found that most Oculoplastic surgeons leave injections to the nurses and most Dermatologists are not experts in the eye area. What questions should I ask to ensure I identify the most qualified physician?

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Juvederm is more resistant to hyaluronidase because it is a large molecule, and the Hyaluronidase will break down the outside molecules first, that is why one needs more than one injection. Also there are multiple formulations of Hyaluronidase, one may have to alternate the injections to get the final result.

The major disadvantage is that the new doctor may not know where the juvederm was injected and therefore has to inject in different levels.

The other potential risk is what will happen to the stretched skin of the lids? That is difficult to predict. if hollowness or wrinkly skin occur then you will need other procedures to correct.

See a plastic surgeon with experience, and you need to be very patient during the treatment process.

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