I have some questions about doctor and surgery center qualifications?

I have been reading lists of questions to ask your plastic surgeon and I just wanted to clear a few things up: 1. Is "certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery" the same as being board-certified in plastic surgery? 2. The surgical center where I would have the procedure is "Medicare Certified and AAAHC accredited." Is this the accreditation I should be looking for? Thank you!

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Questions about Qualifications

"Certified by the Am Board of Plastic Surgery" is the qualification that you want to see. This is the certification that requires the most rigorous training in surgery/plastic surgery and, in addition, passage of both written and oral examinations. "Board certified in Plastic Surgery" may or may not be the same thing. Some will use the term as short hand for "certified by the AM Board of Plastic Surgery". Whereas others will use it when all they have achieved is "certification" by a cosmetic surgery board whose requirements may not be at all rigorous. You will need to be sure.

Medicare certified and AAAHC are both important accreditations. Others to look for are AAAASF and JCAHO.

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