Questions About Cutting the Depressor Septi Muscle? (photo)

My nose droops when I smile. I have read that cutting the depressor septi muscle will help this as I do not wish to change the overall shape of my nose, just prevent drooping when I smile. How effective is this procedure and what is the average cost and recovery time? Thanks

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Cutting depressor septi muscle

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Cutting the depressor septi muscle simply prevents the nose from drooping upon animation and smiling.  This is a relatively simple procedure that can be done under brief anesthesia.  The cost would be the equivalent of a tip-plasty procedure is around $4,600 and includes the surgeon’s fee, operating room, and anesthesia.  Any further additional nasal surgery that needs to be performed would be through a typical rhinoplasty procedure, which would cost about $7,000.  The release of the depressor septi muscles is a very effective rhinoplasty technique that is extremely successful and patients are very satisfied.

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Cutting the Depressor Septi Muscle to Prevent Tip Drop when Smiling

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Cutting the depressor septi muscle will help in decreasing tip drop when smiling. If you prefer this can be done under local anesthesia. Cost will vary, but will be significantly less than a rhinoplasty. Check in your community.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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