Does Chin Augmentation Results in Flt Cheeks? What is the Rate of Bone Resorption?

Hi I m thinking about a chin augmentation because mine is too "small" for a man, but i have 2 questions. Sometimes, when im looking on google image "genioplasty" i found that the cheek and the face of people who had this operation is less "flat" than before, i there a link (it could be positiv)? And of course, im worried about the bone resorption due to the implant, how is it possible to reduce the risk?. Thank you very much sirs.

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Chin augmentation does not effect cheeks

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Chin augmentation is performed by inserting a small silastic implant directly over the mandibular bone through a submental incision.  This is usually done under local anesthesia.  While there is a small amount (1-2 mm) of bone resorption, this is usually inconsequential and there is no way to prevent it from occurring.

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A Chin Augmentation Can Change the Appearance of the Cheeks

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Your observation is actually a good one. While a chin implant does not do anything to change the size or shape of the cheeks, it does change the overall perspective of the rest of the features on the face. As a general rule, the nose, chin, and cheeks both balance and play off of each other. Changing the shape of the chin should cause the nose and cheeks to be in better balance and often gives the rest of the face more definition. 

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Does Chin Augmentation Result in Flt Cheeks?

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Hello, a chin augmentation has nothing to do with the cheek area. It could very well be that the photos you reviewed were of patients that had their cheeks augmented as well. This could have been with filler, fat or malar implants. I have patients that I augmented over twenty years ago with no issues. Good luck to you.

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