I Have Many Questions About What to Do and Buy for my Procedure?

Lets start with what Is the best kind of Garment should get? I here a lot of ppl talk about the garment messing with some of the bbl results..what items would I need for home? Do anyone know what is done at the pre-op apt ? is it the basic blood work and talk to the anesthesiologist ? I started taking the multi-vitamins and Vitamin C that they recommended me to take. Do anyone know how long will I need to recover from this I took off until July 1 2013 ?

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Garments for fat transfer

Most plastic surgeons will provide you with at least one garment at the time of surgery. You may purchase another secondary garment which is tighter to be worn after a few weeks. At your pre-op visit you should address any questions you have with your plastic surgeon and review the surgical plan. Your prescriptions should be called in to your pharmacy and your blood work should be reviewed at that time. Pre surgical instructions should also be reviewed. Your plastic surgeon can review all the specifics with regard to your surgery at that time. Plan on taking one to two weeks off from work to recover.

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