Questionable use of Juvederm. Is it normal to use an entire syringe for a slight touch up?

Was at the medspa where I'd received fillers days prior. Person that does fillers offered to make a slight correction. I did not pay for this. I am unaware if they save product. Is it odd that they'd waste an entire syringe of Juvaderm (very little was used) for a slight touch up? Profit margins can't be that high... I am panicking. I hope it wasn't recycled.

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Typically injectors will let you know if you have product left over from a previous treatment.

Typically injectors will let you know if you have product left over from a previous treatment. Some clinics dispose of the entire syringe for a one time use. The injector will let you know you have some left over since it's your product and ask what you would like to do with it, if not needed for the area being treated. 

Connect with the injector and ask your questions, it will give you peace of mind. 


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Juverderm touch up

No reputable establishment would ever use the same syringe of Juvederm on multiple patients. Most likely, they saved some Juvederm from your first treatment and injected you with the same syringe. You should call the person who did the injections and ask your question directly - it is definitely your right to know.

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Juvederm is not saved for multi patient usage

Dear Californiagirl, Juvederm does come in different sizes of syringes and it may have appeared to be a full syringe that  was in fact a .4ml syringe instead of a full syringe. There is an ID number and a sticker that comes with each syringe that should be in your file. Once this is opened if the entire syringe is not used then it is put into a safety sharps container or medication holder to be disposed of. Juvederm syringes are single usage per patient. It is the treating surgeons choice whether they will charge you for a touch up or not often patient satisfaction is more important then wasted product. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Was Syringe of Derm Filler "Recycled"?

Hi CG.  If you are having to ask yourself this question then you are likely at the wrong place.  We open the box of dermal filler that a patient receives to show them what they are getting and we use only one syringe per patient.  It is not saved, reused or tossed, it's used fully on the patient we inject.  

If you ask the question to this practice and are not satisfied with the answer, it just confirms that you are at the wrong place.  For examples of Los Angeles Juvederm before and after pictures, you can click the link below.  Good luck.

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Did I get a used syringe of filler

This is impossible to answer. There are small size syringes of filler (half size) or .4ml of Juvederm. But even for this most offices will charge because your injector is paying for the syringe. I don't know your office's stance on saving syringes, but in no way should syringes be shared or used on multiple patients. You need to ask, for your own safety.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

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Fillers are one time one patient use.
In general pre-filled syringes, are one time one patient use only. If not used completely then discard the rest.
Multi dose vials , new syringe, new needle, wipe with alcohol before each use for each patient.

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Filler and syringe

I know that in my office if patients want more filler they have to pay for the entire syringe because they can not be shared with other patients. You should ask your injector what they did.  We can not possibly know.

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Questionable use of Juvederm

Dear california, thank you for your question. Injectable fillers can be used to enhance facial volume, correct lines and depressions, and rejuvenate the face without surgery. Some common fillers used in our San Diego practice include restylane, juvederm, perlane, voluma, radiesse, and sculptra. Consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist  injector to review your options. Good Luck!

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