I Had My Tummy Tuck 5 Days Ago?

...and I've been trying to get up out of bed by myself since 3 day but I feel toughness and pain every time I get up and go back to bed. I sleep most of the time feet with my feet bent due to tightness and pain . Today I picked up a remote from the floor and felt this terrible muscle pain. My question is, did I damage the suture inside my abdomen?

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Very difficult to damage and abdominal repair after abdominoplasty.

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The pain you are experiencing is anticipated at least in part after abdominoplasty. The likelihood of you doing some damage because something caused additional pain is extremely unlikely.

Did I damage the suture inside my abdomen?

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It seems unlikely, but it is not possible to tell without a in person examination. Call your surgeon to discuss this.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Post-op following tummy tuck

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Hi there

It is completely normal to have some pain and discomfort following surgery of this kind. It is obviously important to take things easy and to avoid bending or lifting anything in the early post-operastive period and to roll onto your side when getting up or indeed laying back down on the bed. This may have been discussed with your surgeon pre-operatively but it is easy to forget when you are doing things on 'automatic pilot' - it is very common so please do not worry.

It sounds as though you tried to do a little too much too soon and even doing seemingly little things can be uncomfortable. Perhaps just ease back a little and mention it to your surgeon when you are reviewed. 

Good luck with your recovery otherwise

Paul Banwell, London, UK


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