Why Do Toothpastes Claim to Regrow Enamel?

Is it illegal (or false business claim/fraud) for all the toothpastes I see to claim that they can REGROW enamel? Isn't this impossible, so far -- although I know they have made strides in this. From what I have read it's impossible to get enamel back, but so many toothpastes out there say they can do this. Also, why do all the toothpastes even from the same brand say they do various different things, but if you look at the ingredients, they are all the same! What gives?

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Regrow enamel with toothpastes

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Some tooth pastes do add Fluoride to the surface of the tooth making a harder and more resistant enamel. Saying it regrows enamel is a stretch. Unfortunately, it seems to control false or misleading advertising - a governmental agency or attorney general will need to file charges or an individual will need to file a civil suit.. Since these rarely happen, the problem of false advertising continues to expand.

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Once the gum tissue recedes or enamel wears away, it never grows back. 

What these companies do is make a statement and not finish the sentence

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