Swelling After Rhinoplasty - Profile Not Straight 8 Days Post-op

i underwent a rhinoplasty to straighten my nose from in front and from the profile view. today, my splint was removed (8 days after). although the nose looks much straighter from in front, the profile view is not perfectly straight. the tip seems to stick out more (although he did not modify the tip) and there is a very small hump at the top of the nose. my question is, will my nose continue to evolve and become straighter or is what you see what you get for a profile view upon splint removal?

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Early results after rhinoplasty

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This soounds like a natural result and I would not be overly analytical at this point in time. There are likely to be changes with continued healing including slight loss in projeciton of the nasal tip.

Early rhinoplasty results

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At a week or two out after surgery there is a lot of swelling and remodelling of the soft tissue over the bony and cartilaginous framework. Give it some time to settle down.

Results are hard to judge early after a Rhinoplasty

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Results are hard to judge early after a Rhinoplasty. During the first month, swelling that occurs differentially over the nose can present results that are less than desirable. This can occur due to multiple reasons. Bleeding in one area over the nose more than others can lead to contour changes that will most of the time resolve. Manual shaping can be important part of the post operative care for the rhinoplasty patient. This can also make the nose look less straight as well from the front as well as the side. Your surgeon should know the best. The crooked nose or deviated nose is one of the most complicated procedures to do in rhinoplasty and requires most all of the skills in rhinoplasty that your surgeon will need to have in his skill set. The small hump at the top could be a localized area of swelling from bleeding and could use some massage. Your physician should help you through this stage.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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