A Question About Swelling

i know swelling makes the nose look wider and the tip gets swollen.but does it effect the bridge in height? im just so confused because my surgeon said he shaved down my bump only added maybe less then a half of a half of a millimeter of septum cartilage to the top to give it a straighter look.but it just looks taller than it was.and if he shaved it down shouldnt it be lower?so does swelling effect it height wise or am i just screwed?im one month out and it doesnt seem to look any different.

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Nose job and height of the bridge following hump removal

Shaving down a small hump can create an "open roof deformity" that requires closure with either a graft or lateral osteotomy. The later may make your nose narrower but can also decrease the size of the airway. Some surgeons choose the former which will close the open roof, create a straight line but not make as dramatic a decrease in the height of the nose. One month is still relatively early. Give it some more time (3-6 months to asses the long term result.

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