Can manipulation with my thumbs improve my rhinoplasty?

plz help me i had a open rinoplasty 3weeks later and now my nose is not looking straight and i talk to my doctor he told me push your nose with your thumps with both sides three times a day for 15days plz tell me this procedure can improve my nose.

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Early postoperative recovery

At 3 weeks postop, mild asymmetry or crookedness may be due to swelling. Alternatively, the cartilages in the nose have memory and even though maneuvers may have been performed to attempt to straighten the nose, the cartilages can try to recoil to their previous curvature causing residual crookedness of the nose. Applying digital pressure several times per day for several weeks to counteract these forces can help and it sounds like that is what your surgeon has instructed you to do. You should continue to follow your surgeon's instructions to get the best possible result following rhinoplasty.

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