Nose Is Still Crooked 2 Months Post Op- Is It Too Early to Get This Fixed? (photo)

My nose was crooked before(cartilege). He broke my nose&its not crooked anymore. Now that it's not&he brought my tip in&gave me somewhat of a point now the sides of my nose is what has my attention. He didn't fix the crookedness of the sides of my nose. One is bigger then the other&they both still flare too much. You can really tell in pictures! I know that he said don't go off of the pics for a few months, but still I'm happy with the point! I know it's going in but I know i wont like the sides

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Post-op swelling

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Thank you for the question! It's much too early to worry about your results considering that you had your surgery done 2 months ago.  At this point you are most likely experiencing post-op swelling, which is preventing you from seeing final results. Swelling may take 6 to 12 months to completely resolve. In the meantime, you may see contour irregularities. Give it more time for your nose to "settle." 

 An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best way to assess your needs and obtain expert medical advice. Best of luck!

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Nose Is Still Crooked 2 Months Post Op- Is It Too Early to Get This Fixed?

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Sadly, no.  Revision Rhinoplasty should not be performed any sooner than 6 months after the previous Rhinoplasty.  The 6 months is to ensure proper re-establishment of the blood supply to the nose.  If done sooner, the skin can develop a cobblestone apperance that is permanent.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Crooked Nose 2 Months Post Rhinoplasty

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The asymmetry or crookedness you describe may simply be secondary to the normal, temporary post-op swelling. It is too early to judge your result, which will change as healing progresses over the next 6-9 months.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Concerns about rhinoplasty result at 2 months postoperatively

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As clearly and well stated by the other respondent surgeons, you are still very early in the healing process to be able to make accurate,definitive assessments of your results. Full maturation can take up to a year though much of the swelling will abate by 6 - 9 months. Generally, one should wait around a year, anyhow, before considering revisional surgery.

Be patient!

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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Patience after rhinoplasty

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I must echo the sentiments of my other plastic surgery colleagues.  Virtually every surgical procedure produces a cycle of inflammation and healing that can last for months.  Although scars are not externally visible, the process of rhinoplasty results in the creation of scar beneath the skin.  Swelling is also part of the process and can last for 3-4 months.  I typically recommend revisions be performed no sooner than 1 year following the initial surgery, unless there is an obvious major deformity.  This is especially true of subtle imperfections following a rhinoplasty.  The additional waiting may allow scars to mature and soften, so that you may avoid unnecessary surgery.  You must keep in mind that healing time can vary substantially between individuals based on nutrition, genetics, and other factors.  Be patient, but have a follow up plan in place with your plastic surgeon.

Andre Panossian, MD
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Nasal revision after two months too soon

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Your photo looks pretty good and two months is too soon to revise your nose. You should allow things to heal fully, stop looking so closely, and enjoy yourself. Knowing you will be unhappy before you have even seen the outcome will get you nowhere.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Too Soon to Tell

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Hello, Suzie. At two months healing is never complete so it is too earning for a re-evaluation.


Typically, 100 days after surgery ( approimately three months)., must be allowed to get some sense of the outcome. AT that point, it woudl be wise  to reconsult with your surgeon and ask his or her opinion of what you can expect going forward.

-Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

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Robert Kotler, MD
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Nose still crooked

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You are way ahead of yourself and are inspecting your nose way to closely at this point in time. You have a lot more healing to go and the nose is going to continue to change. Any photos done at this time will only be disappointing. Be patient!

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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