Cheek Implants and Buccal Fat Removal For Cheek Contour. Recommended at Age 18?

Would you recommend getting cheek implants at age 18? and is buccal fat excursion a good idea if you just want that cheek bone contour? i dont really have chubbie cheeks i just want defined cheek bones, i find cheek bones to be the most attractive characteristic on people. Also what types of cheek implants are there?

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Buccal fat removal not recommended

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I would not suggest getting buccal fat removal, since you are still quite young and it could lead to an undesirable appearance in a few years.  

Cheek implants are reasonable for the appropriate 18 year-old paient, but buccal fat pad excision is not recommended.

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Without a photograph or in-person examination it is impossible to give accurate advice as to what you describe as "not chubbie cheeks" but for which you are considering buccal fat pad excision.

If your weight is normal and you simply want more prominent cheekbones, alloplastic (non-biologic material such as metal, ceramic, or plastic) implants are the easiest and most predictable ways to go. Incisions can be via the lower eyelid, or through the mouth, but the latter has a higher possibility for infection requiring implant(s) removal.

If you want more sculpted-appearing cheeks, cheekbone (malar) implants can help give a more angular or lean look, but so will weight loss if you are overweight. Later in life, facial fat diminishes as skin tone decreases, and buccal fat pad removal can end up causing a gaunt or skeletal look to the face that is really unattractive. Thus, I'd recommend leaving your buccal fat pads alone, lose weight if appropriate for your situation, and have malar (cheek) implants placed if you desire higher or more prominent cheekbones.

Implants are made of solid silicone elastomet (not soft like breast implants, but much more firm like bathtub seal), medpore (a porous high-density biocompatible polyethylene), hydroxyapatite shaped implants or granules, and other materials. Ask which material your surgeon plants to use and why. Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Implants For More Prominent Cheek Bones

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The decision to have structural facial surgery at age 18 is a personal one and must be thought through very carefully. By your query you are seeking higher and more prominent cheek bones. That can be done through a variety of cheek implant styles depending upon what areas of the cheeks one wants to highlight. While buccal fat removal can help highlight the cheekbones, it has long-term negative aesthetic consequences in someone who does not have chubby cheeks to start with and is very young. That is likely a procedure you should avoid in your situation.

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