Question on permalip, should I have to pay even though I showed but didn't get what I wanted?

Had permalip implants done but not happy with the medium size, showed a picture what I wound like them to look like and surgeon said looks like a large but for some reason they decided to put in the medium 4mm, few days later I knew if was not happy with the size, is it right that I should have to oY £362 to have them replaced surgeon said that's the price of the implant bug j did sag j wanted them big. Already paid over £2000 for them. Thank you

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Lip Augmentation Not Right Size

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In general you are paying for your surgeon's best possible effort, years of experience and time to act in your best interest and not for the final result which may be altered by many variables. This involves intraoperative judgement. as to what will accomplish the best result for you.  That being said, if you agreed upon a specific size and there was not specific reason why it was not placed then that is a different matter. 

Best advice is to have a heart to heart talk with your plastic surgeon, the vast majoritiy are reasonable.

Permalip implants

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If the surgeon did not insert the Permalip Implants that you consented to have him do, he may not charge you to redo the surgery. That said, if his best judgement was that the large size was too big - he has to rely on his professional judgement as to what is best for you.
I do not know any surgeon who will pay for a patient's implant, whatever the circumstances.
Ask if he can contact the Permalip representative to get you can get a new implant at a reduced cost.

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