Explantation, Capsule Removal & Augmentation - Best Option?

20 year old Meme implants are leaking into capsule. Breast tissue is thin and there is minor blood flow compromise + Excessive scarring. 2nd surgeon recommends 2 procedures. Removal of implant & capsule. Allow breasts to "settle" down and then perform a 2nd procedure to augment & lift after approx 6 months. This opinion is completely contradictory to 1st surgeon's advice. 1st surgeon never mentioned capsule removal and wants to do everything in one fail swoop. Opinions Please?

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Older implant removal with new implant augmentation

There is not often one way of doing things and therefore you can get a few opinions of how to manage your concerns. Depending on the thickness of the skin and breast tissue covering your implants and capsules now, it may potentially harm the blood supply to the nipple if too much is done at the same time. I would bet that your implants are now above the muscle so you may be an ideal candidate for implant and casule removal, placment of the new implant partially under the muscle  followed by a conservative breast lift.

I hope this helps

Dr Edwards

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Capsule surgery at the time of implant exchange

There are really 3 issues here- the implant condition (whether or not t is ruptured), the condition of the capsule around the implant and the skin condition or degree of drooping. If the tissue is very thin you may not be able to remove all  of the capsule because doing so has a risk of creating button hole cuts in the skin. Any patient going in for revision or redoing of previous breast surgery should discuss with their surgeon the roll and need for capsule related procedures at the same time. If the surgeon has not considered whether or not surgery needs to be performed on the capsule and is unprepared to answer questions about it you best look for another better trained surgeon. In the case of an intracapsular rupture the best thing to do is remove the entire capsule together with anything it contains.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Complicated breast implant removal and replacement

Your situation sounds far too complex to discuss in this forum. Given your description, I would favor the possiblity of implant removal followed by delayed resconstruction as a conservative approach. Use of fat grafting may be an option as well

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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