Question About Excess Skin and Swollen Temples? (photo)

I recently started shaving my head, due to my hair thinning. I enjoy the look except for two things: Excess skin/fat on my head and the fact that my temples protrude out, giving off this swollen, round look. I was wondering if there was anyway to relax the temporalis and/or get rid of the excess skin on my head? I can literally push my skin, from both sides, towards the top of my head, and make "skin rolls" Any advice?

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Plastic surgery of the head and scalp

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Based on your photos, the protrusions on the sides of your head are an illusion caused by the hollowing in your temples. If the hollow temple areas were filled with an injectable filler such as fat or sculptra then the protrusions would not be noticeable. This may sound contradictory so I suggest having your plastic surgeon show you the balance and proportion that would be achieved using a computer imager to fill in your hollow temples. As far as the excess skin, I don't see any excess with your face at rest. Performing surgery to remove the excess scalp skin may result in unsightly and visible scarring given that you shave your head and there is no hair to camouflage the scars. Your forehead wrinkles can be treated with botox if your concerned about the loose skin in that area.

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