Question About Crest White Strips?

I used the Crest White Strips Vivid, which is strength 2, for the ten days as instructed. They didn't really work, and now I want to get Crest White Strips Professional Effects (strength 4), but my parents are worried about me damaging the enamel on my teeth because I just finished the Vivid a week ago. Can you help me?

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Whitening strips

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Our office has been using a form of whitening strips for a couple years now.  While with most patients we see great results, there are a few that require a different product to achieve their whitening goals.  Sometimes the best option is to go with either an in office whitening such as zoom, or whitening trays with gel.  One other note I'd like to make is this, we often don't see the changes to ourself due to the fact it happens gradually.  Your teeth may have become whiter than you are aware - there comes a point where you may not see a difference because they just can't get any lighter.  That being said, I would consult your dentist to see his/her recomendation based off their experience and knowledge of your teeth.

Portland Dentist

Crest White Strips Vivid

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OTC Whitening products very rarely give the pronounced effect from professional products. In order to get good stable whitening effect use of professional home bleaching gel and individual trays made by the dentist. In comparison to all whitening products home bleaching professional systems are so far the most effective.

White strips

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So long as you follow instructions and are supervised by your dentist you should be fine good luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC.

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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Bleaching with Crest White Strips

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The hydrogen peroxide does not harm or dissolve the enamel.  You may use Professional Effects to get a greater result.  Are your teeth sensitive?  If so then you may want to hold off until it subsides before you apply more bleach.  If not it would be safe to apply the greater strength.   Fluoridex toothpaste is good to combat sensitivity. 

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

Tooth whitening

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Dear Jimmy,

Tooth whitening is such a hard topic to explain, since all the media and marketing schemes have already infiltrated your mind by TV or magazines.  Let me try to explain easily.  Tooth whitening has NO GUARANTEES!  They all claim a certain number of shades towards white.  Those scales vary like you have no idea.


The important thing to understand is that you, the consumer, want to get all the coffee, wine, etc stains of your teeth.  You have been forming these stains after YEARS of use.  Imagine trying to clean a shirt after many uses and many stains.  IT WILL TAKE TIME, if you can get them all removed.  Same thing happens with your teeth.  


The differences in all the available whitening product is the concentration of the gel.  The higher the percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide the more whitening effect you should see, however the more possibilities of having sensitive teeth after the procedure.  In my practice and when I lecture to dentist all over the world, I recommend doing combination therapy.  That would be a combination of in office and take home sessions.  


Don't forget in life there are no short cuts and YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR!   Hope this Helps,

David SIlber, DMD

David Silber, DMD
Dallas Dentist

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