Possible to Correct Asymmetric Breasts with Different Creases?

I have breast assymetry (C-D/DDD). The fold of one breast is also 1.5 inches lower than the other. I have had several consultations and received different answers. Some say they can only correct the size and not the fact that one starts lower, others say this can be corrected. I am so confused.

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Breast implants for asymmetric breasts with uneven creases

In many instances this may be very difficult to control and your expectations should be realistic with anticipation of improvement and less asymmetry but not perfect symmetry. Using too large an implant could produce a hihger risk of a double bubble deformity.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Treating asymmetric breasts

Perfect right left symmetry does not exist in nature and is not achievable by surgery. Plastic surgeons try to achieve a more symmetric look by breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift surgery or some combination of these. The under breast skin folds should be assessed prior to any breast surgery. There are a few surgical techniques availabe to address this but none are an exact science. It is technically easier to adjust these folds when there is a capsule present from a previously placed breast implant.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Profound breast asymmetry can be improved but probably not perfectly

You sound very asymmetric and this is not easy to improve. But breast size can be changed through reduction of one side, augmentation of the other, a combination of both procedures. Changing the position of the crease below the breast is more difficult to do and is probably not something that can be done to make you perfectly symmetric. We are all a little uneven one side to the other. You should make sure to see a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has a lot of experience with breast surgery.

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD
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