Asymmetric Breasts - Surgical Options for Nipple Size and Breast Size?

One of my breasts is a C cup the other is B and they both have different nipple sizes. I prefer the C cup breast size wise but then prefer the nipple size on the B cup breast.Which would be better saline or silicon or am i better off just having a breast reduction on the C cup breast. Would insurance cover anything if it were a reduction or because their asymetric? How does healing go for it. I want to make sure ive made the right decision on everything so i wanna learn all the facts beforehand.

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Modifying large breast to match small breast is easiest treatment for asymmetry

Thank you for your question. Photographs would help answer your question. Generally speaking it is easier to reduce or modify a large breast to match a small breast that it is to enlarge a small breast to match a large breast.

From your description it appears that reducing or modifying the larger breast which would reduce the areola as well, matches what you hope to achieve. There are many decisions you will have to make however including whether to enlarge both breasts, or just the small breast and how much to reduce or modifying the large breast.

Please consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, experienced in cosmetic breast surgery and who is an excellent reputation in your community. This is complex surgery not for the neophyte.


There are numerous options to be discussed. Clearly the simplest would be a reduction of the larger breast and circumareolar masotpexy for reducition of the larger areola without the use of implants. However it truly depends on several factors that should be discussed in a full consultation. I have prepared 4 videos that specifically deal with some of the issues when discussing breast asymmetry that you can view,

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Treatment of asymmetric breasts

Reducing the C size to match the B size wil give you more scarring. Thus in most cases I would recommend matching the B to the C with an implant. Saline vs. silicone is really up to you. The only advantages of saline are a smaller skin incision and you can fine tune the implant size by adding or subtracting saline. You cannot do that with silicone because you are limited by the size that comes from the manufacturer.

You need to know before doing anything that patient satisfaction with the procedure is very low if only one side is augmented because the patient expects matching breasts but that is not exactly possible when one has an implant and the other breast does not. As for insurance coverage most plans do not cover the surgery unless one side has complete absence of the breast or congenital deformities involving breast tissue and chest muscle are present.

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Asymmetric breasts

It is difficult to say without examining you, but you have to decide what you want match the larger breast or match the smaller breast, or something in between.

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