How Much Can I Add Before Either Sight or Touch Would Betray the Enhancements During Intercourse?

For both me and my husband, my breasts are one of the most enjoyed things in our sex-life. That said, we'd like more of them (by volume -not quantity). Suspending disbelief during sex is also important to us: I've noticed in *ahem* videos, that movement often reveals the actress' enhancements. I attached ideal pre&posts of two actresses with bodies similar to mine Relevant Figures: 28yr 120lb, 5'4, 30E 470 cc I finish neurology residency this year, and I'm planning the operation to celebrate

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Breast implant palpability.

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 I often discussed with patients the possibility that no matter what size implant that they choose, if they go looking for it hard enough, they will be able to feel it. That means that nearly all breast implants whether placed under the muscle or under the glandular tissue can be palpated if carefully inspected regardless of size. The newer shaped form stable implants seem to have a less conspicuous sort of feeling however any individual carefully looking will be able to find a scar and one of the standard locations. From casual observations breast implants can appear to be natural through clothing in undergarments and swimwear. By choosing an implant that is properly measured for your body you can limit the amount of unnatural  appearance that you have. The best way to accomplish this is to consult a physician who uses a 3-D imaging system such as the Vectra or uses another similar anatomical-based implant determination system.


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Increasing size of the implants will generally make them less natural looking and increase the long term problems associated with implants

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Consultation Needed for Breast Augmentation

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    I would recommend an in person exam to determine goals and current anatomy.  Going with larger implants in an E cup bra will cause more tissue thinning and puts you at risk for back, neck, and shoulder problems.

Cryptic questions and information regarding breast enhancement surgery

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The information that you provide and its presentation is quite cryptic. There is little that one can usefully answer for you in this format. If you are interested in pursuing such breast enhancement surgery, it would be most prudent for you to schedule one or more consultations with board certified plastic surgeons who can talk with you at length, listen to your goals and conduct an examination.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 31 reviews

Breast Augmentation

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I am sure by the answers so far you know that you must post your question again with more clear questions and if possible your own images without face .I wish you good luck.

Will augment betray itself?

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Given that you are petite and thin, the implants should be placed under the muscle to avoid the sense of a ridge at the lateral edge and you should consider gel rather than saline. In terms of betraying the enlargement, there will always be a scar, although it should fade to a fine line and your husband is in on the situation. I would caution you against going too large for your frame as this will increase the risk of complications. You have a narrow chest circumference and don't want a mono breast which will be unnatural. Congratulations on completing your residency. Great reason to celebrate.

Suspending disbelief during intercourse

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  Your question intrigued me in that it is very UNCLEAR as to what you are asking.

  You will not see many answers to your question because of the above.  If you are wanting to go larger, then no real problem.  Remove your implants and go larger.  You mention an implant size of 470 and you state a bra size of 30 E.

  Are you asking to go to this bra size with your small frame?   Are you wondering if you go to this size, will it look/feel normal and not enhanced?

  Perhaps you would like to reword your question and we can take a better shot at a good suggestion.

           Steven M. Lynch, M.D.   Albany, New York

Implant choices

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It is best to go for an exam to determine what would be best for you.  I can not say without an exam, and a review of your anatomy and goals.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

How much larger can you go (in implant size)?

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I"m with Dr. Lynch in being somewhat puzzled by your question, but if your information is understood properly, you have already undergone breast augmentation with 470cc implants and presently have a 30E bra size. And you want to know how much larger you can go while still "suspending disbelief" during sex. You are petite, and although you include pictures of adult film stars with excellent results after breast augmentation, we can only assume your own result has good implant position and no capsular contracture. We have no information as to incision placement and scar quality, but can reasonably assume that if your present scars are acceptable, then new implants placed via the same excised scars will yield similar quality when fully matured and faded.

So, the actual question I see is "How much larger can I go?" but the remainder of the question is impossible to guess, especially without a physical examination or at least a photograph of your present breast configuration--"with my present anatomy" or "to make a visible change" or "to hit the maximum size possible?"

If the adult film stars' results are your goals, then you probably do NOT want to go to the maximum "possible", but rather another 100-150cc per side, IF your pockets can accommodate implants of that size. Anything less than that (say, 550cc implants) will not be a visible difference and will NOT be worth doing--cost-wise OR minimal complication/risk-wise.

I'd recommend seeing several ABPS-certified plastic surgeons who do lots of breast surgery and aren't opposed to using big implants for those who want them and can accommodate them physically. This discussion really requires an in-person evaluation and lots of back-and-forth to ensure you don't end up wishing you hadn't opened Pandora's box! For a similar patient of mine who wanted implants that were somewhat bigger than aesthetically "ideal", but nonetheless wanted them for her career as a Playboy model, click on the web reference link below and see my patient's oblique views (there are 3 photos, see the final pro photo by scrolling down). What your are asking for is probably possible, but be careful!

Congratulations on finishing your residency, and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 262 reviews

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