Question About Acne Scars? Can Laser Produce the Same Effect That the Cross Technique? I Want to Be in a Safe Procedure.

In hypertrophic and keloid scars there is an excessive production of fibrosis,But what about the atrophic scar,like icepick scar,these have pitted appearance,and donĀ“t appear there is an excessive production of fibrosis,I would to ask you, is there scar tissue (fibrosis) under the acne scar?I am going to have the TCA cross procedure in my derms office,TCA at 90%.Do yo think this concentration wil be enough to destroy the scar tissue?what about lasers?do they work similar to the cross technique?

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Best Treatments for Ice-Pick Acne Scars

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In my opinion, the best technique to get rid of ice-pick acne scars is punch excision and/or electrosurgery. I do not think the TCA CROSS technique or lasers improves these types of scars much at all. With regards to punch excision, sometimes we leave the hole to granulate (fill in) in on its own and sometimes we place a graft into the hole.  But the results are very good.



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Most ice-pick scars do best with punch grafting.

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Lasers can do the same as TCA for icepick scars and usually need 3-5 treatments each but still don't give as good results as punching the scar out and replacing it with a punch graft from behind the ear and dermabrading the edges. Trust your doc with the current plans that you have already discussed. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

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