Fluid like ball edge of implant - told it was scar tissue but now bigger, what should I do next?

About 8 months after an implant replacement operation following a rupture, I noticed a fluid like ball - outside of my implant near my breast bone - felt like a deflated water balloon. GP sent me for an ultra sound and I was told it was scar tissue. But now (18 months on) I think it has got slightly bigger and feels a bit more near the surface . Should I go back to my surgeon or GP given the previous feedback after the ultra sound? Not sure what next step to take? Thank you kindly. Elizabeth

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Growing masses

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should always be checked and since you had implants and this issue appeared following it, it would be most appropriate to see your surgeon again.  Its very suspicious for more significant issues as the ball could be a 'knuckle' of implant.  Since you have a baseline ultrasound, a repeat ultrasound can certainly shed more light on what is happening if your exam doesn't not indicate what the problem is.

Fluid near implant?

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I think that it is best to be seen by your plastic surgeon with the study in hand so that he can review it and make recommendations to you.

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