How long usually for wound to heal? (Photos)

Had a breast reduction 7 weeks ago , blood supply to left nipple was compromised due to artery being cut . Nipple turned blue during surgery . Lucky to have nipple !! Wound is just below nipple . Does this sort of thing happen often ? How long usually to heal ?

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How Long Will It Take For My Nipple Wound To Heal?

There is no easy answer as to how long the wound on your nipple areolar complex will take to heal.  The wound is definitely moving in away from the margins, decreasing the non-healed area.  If all goes well and no additional complications develop, you should have a healed wound in a month or two.
Wounds of this nature heal normally by a process of secondary intention.  Primary intention is when a wound is sewn up by a surgeon whereas secondary intention is when a wound heals in by itself.  The process of secondary wound healing is one of scar tissue with some epithelium migrating in from the margins of the wound, and also contracture of the overall diameter of the wound, and finally there is a process where new, although thin, epithelium does cover the ultimate healed wound.  
Once the wound is completely healed, and if you were my patient, I would allow three months and then consider tattooing the healed wound and surrounding to give the appearance of a normal nipple areolar complex.  
I highly recommend you stay in touch with your plastic surgeon because wound healing is a specialty onto itself, and plastic surgeons are expert in this area.  Again, if you were my patient, I would have you keep the bacterial count down by using Silver Sulfadiazine, a topical antibiotic.  

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