Will Being Able to Feel the Implant Edge Fade or Become Less Obvious After Time Following Surgery? (photo)

Got 1st BA (saline) 18 years ago after1st child when breasts shrunk to nothing once milk dried. Capsular contracture and rippling.10 days ago, replaced with silimed silicone polyurethane, 360 hi on LHS & 315 mod on RHS to correct size diff (after 2nd child) also wanted larger and better feel. Part of capsule was left on inner LHS only as tissue there is thin, rest removed. I can feel edge of implant on inner RHS (I now wish Dr left some there too) will this fade in time? If not what can be done?

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Capsular contracture

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Removing the entire capsule is the goal but not always possible.  Palpability can be an issue as the tissues thin out.

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Capsular Contracture

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   In general, in cases of capsular contracture, I would perform anterior and posterior capsulectomies to minimize chance of recurrence.  However, if one side does not have capsular contracture, that capsule can be left alone or modified.  In general, the capsule that develops after capsulectomy will provide some implant camouflage.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Will Being Able to Feel the Implant Edge Fade or Become Less Obvious

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Only time will tell, and as a capsule forms around the implant it may feel less prominent. 

The appearance seems quite good, and if you concur, I would discourage a touch-up procedure. The area can be given more padding by adding an acellular dermal matrix, such as Strattice, but it is quite pricey, and if all looks good I see more risk than benefit.

Thanks for your question, and for the photos. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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