Is the healing process after a BBL revision similar to recovery after the original surgery? (Photo)

I am going for a Brazilian butt lift round 2 in December due to fat loss in one cheek, I wanted to know if the revision is faster and if the healing process would be the same since it's not that much fat that will be taken out, also i do not want to look like a freak show, is it possible the dr can remove some fat from top of butt to make it look more natural during the process ? Thanks

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BBL Revision Similar to First Recovery

Great question. It's very likely that your recovery in terms of discomfort make be a bit quicker. Less fat harvesting, less liposuctioning, and therefore less soreness. All that said, a few things may affect recovery that is unknown for example the time between procedures and degree of scar tissue. Very excited for your result and thank you for the question! Dr. Chacon

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BBL revision

If the procedure is not as involved as the first, the healing process and recovery might be a bit faster. It really is hard to predict.

Steven Wallach, MD
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