Can microneeding make small, hollow, slightly raised acne scars thicker because of the collagen induction that's provided?

Unfortunately they dont show up on photos but i have several that are small,raised but are hollow as when i puff out my cheeks they arent very visable.The skin is slightly raised because of large pimples that had dissapated only leaving behind the bumpy skin texture afterwards.My goal is to try and flatten them as it would make my skin look much smoother,any advice would be so much appreciated,thanks.

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Microneedling for Acne Scarring

Thanks for your question!  It is of course hard to advise you without seeing your skin, but microneedling in combination with PRP (platelet rich plasma) works really well to help minimize the appearance of facial acne scarring.  I would also start a prescriptive vitamin A product or a retinol to help with the acne bumps.  Be sure to consult with a specialist.  Best of luck!

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