I want to get a breast reduction and a BBL. Is it possible to get both done? (Photo)

Breast reduction and BBL? Are both procedures able to be done same day?

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Can I combine breast reduction and Brazilian but lift.

It is alway possible to combine multiple operations, but one has to accept increased risk of complications. In your case I would recommend to separate the two procedures. The notion of divide and conquer definitely applis to these type of procedures. If you have insurance that might cover the cost of the breast reduction, doing the procedures at different times will make the whole process easier and more straight forward. 

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Breast Reduction and BBL

In most cases it is my recommendation to separate these procedures.  While some procedures can becoming, liposuction and BBL for example, having an extensive breast surgery and BBL my not be the best idea.  However, I would recommend an in person exam and consultation to review your options.  Staging procedures allows your body to focus all of its healing energy and nutrition on the surgery you had.

Good Luck

David Shafer, MD
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BBL and breast reduction

More details will be needed. You may need to consider losing weight first. Depending upon your health, it is quite possible to have both done at the same time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Combining procedures

Not only would this be very uncomfortable but it's too much surgery under NY law if performed correctly. If you expect insurance to pay for your breast reduction, then the facility cannot accept proceeds for that and then charge you separately for the BBL. Years ago, this would not have voided the insurance obligation to pay but today they are looking for every possible excuse.  I think that many patients have unrealistic expectations of how much can be done at once, fueled by the media, and forget that this is real surgery which has to be accomplished in the safest manner.

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