Can hairline advancement be performed from ear to ear? That is, I have a severe hairloss on my entire hairline. (photo)

I posted a few pictures and a few doctors suggested hairline advancement with expansion might be indicated to achieve best results. Is there way to expand the entire hairline so the balding areas can be completely eliminated? Or at least significantly reducing the number of grafts I would need in a future transplant? Can a transplant be done at the same time as the the second procedure to advance the hairline once the expansion is achieved?

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Traction hair loss acroos the entire front

 Scalp expansion across most of the remaining hair bearing scalp followed by a hairline advancement procedure will correct most of your baldness. A limited number of hair transplants (600/800 grafts taken from the edges of the expanded flap) can be done at the completion of the hairline lowering and placed into  the lower temple areas. I have done some cases in this manner. 

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Hair line design and transplant

You can lower the hair line and do hair transplant. You are a good candidate for hair transplant. Make sure you consult with a hair transplant surgeon with experience to get the best recommendation and result. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
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Wants hairline advancement

You are a difficult case and needs a one on one examination by a doctor who is experienced in hair line repair

William Rassman, MD
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